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The leaked emails of UK ambassador Sir Kim Darroch to the United States, has stirred the mood within the Tory Party members, while also bringing UK’s future sovereignty into questions.


US President Donald Trump’s brutal comments in July 9 against the UK ambassador Sir Kim Darroch to the United States, has eventually stirred the mood within the Tory Party members and has brought the Prime Minister Theresa May into a bitter position against the US President Donald Trump.

UK and US leaders were enjoying their political solidarity only few weeks ago; but following the recent leak of emails from the UK ambassador to the United States, has changed the waters between the two countries immediately.

Consequently, when Sir Kim Darroch’s emails being leaked to the public on the weekend -which was saying that Mr Trump “radiates insecurity” while also calling the current White House leadership “uniquely dysfunctional”- The US President Trump responded outrageously, calling Sir Darroch “a very stupid guy”.

Elaborating the matters Mr Trump has also called the UK Prime Minister Theresa May as ‘foolish in her handling of Brexit process as a mess’ while this remarks diverting an immediate attention to Tory Party’s next PM candidates Mr Jeremy Hunt (Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs) and Mr Boris Johnson (MP) at the same time.

If Mr Boris Johnson becomes next PM to United Kingdom on 23rd of July, it will be important to keep in mind ‘Mr Johnson’s approach about delivering a blunt Brexit plan; the Brexit plan’s suitability to Donald Trump’s political views and Mr Johnson’s harmonious relationship with President Trump’. Such possibility in many Tory members’ view, could provide an extremely ‘compatible’ relationship between the UK and US administrations -while also delivering a ‘very convincing Brexit deal expected by Mr Trump’.

Just before two weeks to choose the next Prime Minister of United Kingdom, the latest email scandal could be also seen as a tactical move, which has been initiated deliberately to create controversy and to highlight the different approaches between two Tory candidates, Mr Hunt and Mr Johnson. Especially by bringing the UK’s sovereignty on headlines.

After all, by triggering US President’s backlash over the ambassador’s leaked emails, UK PM candidate Jeremy Hunt’s credibility has been strengthened within the Tories and the public opinion, especially by standing against US President Trump’s influence about UK’s decision whether to withdraw the UK Ambassador from Washington or not.

On the other side, Mr B Johnson’s mild approach on the matter has set the desired example about candidates’ potential approach if either of them becomes next Prime Minister to United Kingdom.

Since the leak of official documents, UK ambassador Sir Kim Darroch to the United States has announced his resignation on 10th July stating that ‘The current situation is making it impossible for him to carry out his role as he would like’.

The announcement came immediately before prime minister’s questions and Mrs May told the House of Commons, she had told Sir Darroch it was “a matter of great regret that he has felt it necessary to leave his position”.

Prime Minister May added: “Good government depends on public servants being able to give full and frank advice. I want all our public servants to have the confidence to be able to do that.”

While Mrs May’s tone could be perceived as an indirect criticism of Johnson’s failure to back Sir Darroch; Sir Alan Duncan (Minister of State for Europe and the Americas) said ‘Johnson had thrown Darroch under the bus to serve his own personal interests’ accusing him of negligence.

While PM May stating her hopes about the Tory’s reflecting on the importance of defending our (British) values and principles; the latest developments brought pressure on Mr Johnson, who was criticised by some Conservatives for refusing to give Sir Darroch his support, against his rival Jeremy Hunt’s statement which ‘he would expect the ambassador to stay in post until his planned retirement’.

When the question brought to Mr Johnson, he gave just a mild criticism towards US President Trump, highlighting ‘a good relationship with the US was of fantastic importance’.

For now, Mr Jeremy Hunt supporters have secured stronger position against Mr Boris Johnson’s supporters, putting Mr Johnson under the spotlight to deliver a more convincing move in the race towards securing the position as United Kingdom’s next Prime Minister.

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