3. Dean Ash: Exercise Can Help to Prevent Diabetes!
Dean Ash: Exercise Can Help to Prevent Diabetes!

Dean Ash: Exercise Can Help to Prevent Diabetes!

Gold medal winner sportsman Dean Ash, highlights the importance of fitness and reminds everyone that: ‘Regular exercising, can prevent type 2 diabetes!’.


By Sheni Hamid & Dean Ash

From Hollywood royalty to London, celebrities’ fitness guru, especially points out stating ‘People that are insulin resistant can produce insulin more effectively through exercise, as exercise helps the body metabolise glucose more efficiently’.

In his multi-talented service varieties, having worked with various internationally acclaimed celebrities including Rhianna, Madonna, Tamer Hassan and many more famous names from around the globe, Mr Ash reminds some of the important benefits of exercising. According to the famous bodybuilder ‘As the benefits of methods whereby one can raise ones’ heart rate could be: lifting weights, running, walking, calisthenics training, resistance band training & kettle bell training and more…

As the list goes on, the positives of keeping fit does become infinite and priceless’ says popular sportsman; adding some more healthy living tips to follow:

1)Exercising reduces blood pressure: In today’s society where stress levels of daily life are high and where increased cortisol levels are so immense, training assists with reducing blood pressure levels lower and constant.

2)Fitness helps to achieve reduced body fat: This point is the most terrifying and majority of us struggle with increased body fat the older we get, because our metabolism slows down. Easy access to ready meals, take away & processed food does raise the chances of our body fat to increase; and unfortunately, we all fight this factor on a daily basis.

3)Building muscle mass: Nowadays it is not just men who want increased muscle growth, but woman have also shown a strong interest in increasing their muscle growth and definition. Regular training will prevent muscle deteriorating and as long as we are all willing to exercise on a regular basis that will allow muscle growth into our fruitful ageing years.

4)Maintaining a steady, ongoing training schedule has a monumental benefit for all generations, young and the elderly. ‘What disheartens me is when I see elder people looking vulnerable and immobile due to a lack of motivation, and their children concerned about their parent’s capabilities and resorting to products such as mobility scooters or electric riser recliner chairs. Yes, these are necessary (in severe cases) for some of the elderly, however there is no cap on age when it comes to training and increasing health benefits.’ explains the fitness expert.

Lack of movement, mobility and exercise is the main reason the items above become necessary. Muscle mass diminishes rapidly with severe consequences, eventually the inevitable will be immobility.

Gold medal winner and fifteen times bodybuilding champion, Dean Ash, while prompting everyone towards healthy living, reaches to his followers, saying: ‘My main focus and drive is to keep the elder generation young and fit. Because, keeping in constant training is very important health matter… Being in constant move is always essential; even if that means, taking a brisk walk in the park or practising few exercising steps at home.’

Most sought after instructor points about the fact that: Exercise increases energy and brings it on a high level with the release of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin (which are a mixture of feel good, happy fun and pain perception reduction chemicals that will put everyone on an organic high mood to be experienced).

On the other important note, regular exercise will also increase the person’s sex drive and will balance the sleeping patterns for a calmer, deeper sleep.

Train Hard, Live Long!


By Sheni Hamid & Dean Ash

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