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By Sheni Hamid

As Russia and Syria are widely known with their deliberate tactics on using migration as a combative strategy towards Europe, "weaponizing migration to destabilise the EU” become a usual part of nowadays’ cold war.

Especially while migrants are continuing to accumulate in Turkey, Greece, Germany, France and so on, many criminals, extremists and fighters could indeed continue hiding in the flow of migrants, too.

With regards to this matter after The European Commission has adopted plans to disburse €700m (£543m; $760m) of emergency humanitarian funding (for between 2016-18) towards helping to tackle the crisis, many European countries clearly declared that they cannot bear the strain of all the refugees coming into Europe.


Meanwhile Turkey’s growing frustration at the lack of a common position from the EU on the crisis, reached to another turning point, particularly after the current developments and recent clashes happened with neighbour Syria.

But rather continuing on to their usual tactics, Russia and Syria today are indiscriminately bombing Syrian civilians to drive the refugee crisis (while weaponize migration); plus affecting the flow of the human mass which already reached and settled in Turkey from quite a while ago.



Since the war in Syria has begun, the most recent update of UNHCR Turkey recorded that (figures indicated in the Jun 2019) Syrian immigrant/refugee numbers in Turkey has reached the 3,614,108 and counting up!

In addition to this, the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that ‘76.443 Syrians have already been accepted as citizenship of Turkey and that the process of evaluation for citizenship applications still continue’…

Yet again according to the Turkish officials, Syrian refugees’ number in 2028 is estimated to exceed 5 million in Turkey!



According to Human Rights Watch Report ‘Just under 101,000 people had arrived at EU borders in 2019 by mid-November. EU governments remained focused on sealing borders including through reported unlawful pushbacks from EU borders including Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Poland, and Spain.

An increase in boats reaching Greek islands underscored the lack of a functioning system for fair sharing of responsibility among EU members, and the ongoing failure of Greece to protect the rights of asylum seekers on its territory, including through pushbacks. The increase also drew attention to the 2016 EU migration control deal with Turkey.


By mid-November last year, 12680 people (most from various ME countries and Africa) had reached Italy and Malta by sea, and according to some, Russia had a crafty agenda on calling the shots towards Europe even with regards to this massive flow.



With their plans targeting Turkey, in the same matter involving Syrian migration/refugee flow, Russia and Syria had played a cunning game involving testing Ankara’s patience.

But then Turkey’s turning the tables towards Europe by opening its borders to give way to irrepressible migration wave from Syria, has brought new calamity talks for all involved sides.


On the other hand…

As stated in The Human Rights Watch Report ‘The EU governments prioritized border control and outsourcing of responsibility for migrants and asylum seekers to other countries, they made limited progress on expanding safe and legal channels for migrants to enter the EU. The European Commission announced in September that EU countries had fulfilled 64 percent of the pledge to resettle 50,000 refugees in 2018-2019, a fraction of global needs’...

Plus triggered with the recent events and with the rapidly increasing immigration flaw ‘Racist intolerance, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic sentiment and violence are still prevalent across the EU’.


Long words short

Taking all this facts into consideration, there’s an important point to keep in mind that, before pointing to Turkey as an ONLY responsible country for the -mostly- Syrian immigration wave towards the west, every NATO member and the -directly/indirectly- involved country has to remember ‘where Russia and Syria really stands on this big picture’.

In addition to this tip of the iceberg, it is particularly important to see the craftly structured Trojan Horse which galloping towards the west; and very judicious to understand that ‘the plan on causing some restlessness in the West, has not being created by the Eurasian Bridge, but the bigger game maker of Eastern Sickle and Hammer’ itself.

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