3. COVID-19 and IO KASHMIR: A Dangerous Combination!
COVID-19 and IO KASHMIR: A Dangerous Combination!

COVID-19 and IO KASHMIR: A Dangerous Combination!

Tehreek-e-Kashmir Organisation UK has brought to attentions that ‘the current Covid-19 pandemic, also continuing to threaten the lives in the Indian Occupied Kashmir region and it is very crucial to act fast on this matter as well’. 


By Sheni Hamid

Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK’s President Raja Fahim Kayani, reminded everyone about the alarming situation in IO Kashmir and pointed that ‘Since the Covid-19 breakout there is an additional concern arose with regards to the region, which is the partial restoration of internet. But this restoration does not apply to the civilian Muslim population in the area. This service is for the BJP party members only. There is a concern that with having an internet option available only to them, BJP members might enable further coordinated attacks towards Muslims. These attacks could lead to an ethnical cleansing in the region.  Unfortunately, BJP might even record these deaths as if they were being caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is an additional danger to ongoing lockdown in the region’.

To his remarks, Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK’s President Mr Kayani added that “Since the Covid-19 breakout, most governments’ initial response has been about implementing social distancing and self-isolation measure. However, IO Kashmir has been under lockdown since August 2019. There is complete communication blackout in the area; no access to food and medicines; educational institutions are closed; plus, the military curfew in IO Kashmir has destroyed the economy of the region”.

During his statement ‘Due to Covid-19 voluntary lockdown, the people across the world can still let their loved ones to know that if they run out of food, sanitary products, medicine and they can still ask for help when their health is under greater risk’ added Mr Kayani, while continuing as : ‘But in IO Kashmir due to complete restrictions, the vulnerable citizens cannot get the help they need. Hence, the people of Indian occupied Kashmir could be forced to bury their loved ones in the back gardens of their homes’. 

Mr Kayani has pointed out that ‘Microsoft has opened its Minecraft education edition for educators around the world, so during the Covid-19 pandemic, many children can carry on learning using Minecraft. But despite the schools being kept closed in IO Kashmir -for last seven months- and now with the Covid-19 pandemic; there is no child has received an opportunity of using Minecraft education or any kind of educational support’. 

The Tehreek-e-Kashmir Organisation UK once more called for world leaders’ and International Organizations’ help with regards to this important matter. 

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